You can get to this city from Brussels by train, it is highly recommended to visit Bruges, there you can walk along the canals by boat, try the famous Belgian chocolates, without forgetting the beer!Throughout the year there are groups of guides that organize guided tours throughout the city in all languages, you can also rent a bicycle and ride on your own, they can be rented at the bus station in the city.


Great tourist destination in Eastern Europe. City with a lot of nightlife, many places to explore and visit both in Buda and Pest, walk along the side of the Nile River, take a boat and navigate it, do not forget to visit its famous hot springs!Budapest is a destination chosen by several Film directors, so you will get acquainted with various neighborhoods and streets of the city and you may even see the shooting of a movie.

Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace is the official residence of the British monarch in London. It is also used for official ceremonies, state visits, and tourist visits. It is famous for housing a substantial part of the Royal Collection, an extraordinary set of artistic works resulting from royal collecting. Great tourist destination to visit in LondonThe palace has 777 rooms and the palace gardens make up London's largest private gardens. They were originally created by Capability Brown, but redesigned by William Townsend Aiton and John Nash. The artificial lake was created in 1828 and receives water from Serpentine Lake, the lake located in Hyde Park.