The Venetian

This incredible place is located in the city of Las Vegas, United States, it is a luxury casino hotel set in the Italian city of Venice, when you enter the casino you automatically teleport to Venice, do not miss this opportunity!

Warner Bros Studios

If you are a fan of movies and you are visiting California, one of the highly recommended places for moviegoers is Warner Bross Studios Tour, where you have the possibility to visit part of the WB studios, see the different set of filming of various movies that they were filmed there and also several stages where tv series were filmed or filmed currently.You can see scenes and elements of movies like Batman, Harry Potter, Spiderman, Friends, The Big Bang Theory, among others.

Harvard University

When you are traveling through Boston you must visit one of the most prestigious universities in the United States and in the world, Harvard University. Throughout the year it is open to the public and can be visited, there are many tour groups that take guided tours of all the facilities and tell about the history of the University and famous people who studied there.