Places of interest: 1. Guggenheim Museum Bilbao 2. Museum of Fine Arts of Bilbao 3. Zubizuri 4. Bilbao Cathedral 5. New Square 6. Puppy 7. Vizcaya Bridge 8. Ria de Bilbao Maritime Museum

Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon of the Colorado, is a beautiful and steep gorge carved by the Colorado River over millions of years in northern Arizona, United States. It is located for the most part within the Grand Canyon National Park (one of the first natural parks in the United States). It was declared a World Heritage Site in 1979 by UNESCO. Recommended place to visit on the way to Las Vegas. Places of interest: 1. Bright Angel Trail 2. Havasu Falls 3. Grand Canyon Village 4. Beaver Falls 5. Grand Canyon Railway

Valle del Colca

Great place to visit when traveling in Peru. The Colca Valley is one of the largest tourist destinations in Peru. It is located in the province of Caylloma. Colca comes from the words Collaguas and Cabanas, two ethnic groups that lived along the Colca River. This canyon has a depth of 4160 meters. Places of interest: 1. Colca Canyon 2. Inca Bridge 3. Cruz del Condor viewpoint 4. Laguna Mamacocha 5. Achachihua viewpoint 6. Chaccapi Thermal Baths