Desierto de la Tatacoa

The Tatacoa Desert is the second largest arid zone in Colombia after the La Guajira Peninsula. It is one of the most attractive natural settings in Colombia, with earth of ocher and gray color with hints of the green of the cactus. The Tatacoa Desert has two characteristic colors: ocher in the Cuzco sector and gray in the Los Hoyos area. Tours are made from Bogotá to the desert, where they camp, at night there is a star observatory, different walks are made in the desert and nearby towns are visited. It also includes a visit to the hot springs in the desert.

Gold & Silver Pawn Shop

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Bogotá D.C.

Places of Interest in Bogotá D.C: 1. Historic Center, La Calendaria 2. Cerro de Monserrat 3. Botero Museum 4. Gold Museum 5. House of Nariño 6. Los Novios Park 7. Torre Colpatria 8. Bolivar Square 9. Botanical Garden 10. National Museum of Colombia